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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Outreach

At the Pennsylvania Hunger Action, SNAP (formerly Food Stamp) outreach is conducted in two different ways: over the phone on our SNAP Line 1-800-634-2033 and through community outreach events. You can find out more information about SNAP (Food Stamp Program) in our Resource Guide. Locate a retailer that accepts SNAP, here. And farmers markets that accept SNAP and FMNP vouchers, here. If your card's been lost, stolen, or damaged, call 1-888-328-7366.

SNAP Line 1-800-634-2033
Call this number if you would like to see if you are eligible for nutrition assistance and/or you would like to apply for it. Our staff will ask a few simple questions, including the number of people in your household, what (if any) income the houseld has, childcare expenses, and shelter expenses (rent/mortgage and utilities). Based on the information you give them, they will be able to tell you if it looks like you would be able to get benefits. At that time, they can also apply for the benefits for you right over the phone! Staff will also then be able to help you through the enrollment process to make sure that you get your benefits in a timely and accurate manner. Click here to see if your household income is below the guidelines for food stamps.

Community Outreach
Hunger Action conducts two different types of community outreach: community outreach events and referring agency trainings.

At Community Outreach Events, staff can promote SNAP, answer questions about the program, screen participants for possible program eligibility, and provide on-site application assistance through COMPASS (the DPW internet-based application system for social service benefits). These events are held in any number of community sites, including grocery stores, senior centers, subsidized housing sites, and farmers markets. These services can also be incorporated into other community events, such as health fairs, rapid response events for recently laid-off workers, and church events.

The second type of community outreach that Hunger Action conducts is through trainings for staff of referring agencies. Our outreach team visits organizations whose clientele would benefit from our services. We explain the nuts and bolts, as well as the benefits, of SNAP. We can also provide staff with a basic screening method to determine which of their clients would most benefit from referring to our agency.

Food Pantry Outreach
In collaboration with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, Hunger Action initiated a new SNAP/Food Stamp outreach program to promote the program at local food pantries and food distribution centers across Central Pennsylvania.

Our agency recognizes that each pantry is unique, and we’ve worked diligently with each one to find the outreach approach that works best for them and their consumers.  In general, our outreach thus far has consisted of:

  • Handing out flyers with our statewide toll-free Food Stamp line, which provides individuals the option to do an eligibility screening and/or application over the phone
  • Answering consumer’s questions about the program
  • On-site eligibility screenings
  • On-site scheduled appointments to fill out applications and scan needed verifications to send to local CAO's.
  • Follow-up to ensure that eligible applicants successfully enroll in the program

If you would be interested in having our SNAP Outreach team visit your organization for either of the two types of events listed above, please contact the appropriate staff member below:

  • In Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties and for Spanish-speaking events, please contact Loyna De Jesus at 717.418.9248.
  • In Northumberland, Columbia, and Montour Counties, please contact Laura Permuter-Nguyen at 570.975.7526.
  • For all other areas, please contact Alyshea Santos at 717.743.0927.

To view upcoming and past events, go to the SNAP Outreach Events page.

Promotional Materials
Here are some of our promotional materials that you may upload, print, and distribute as you wish. Upon request, we can also customize some of the materials listed below to include county-relevant information.


If you are a vendor and would like to be able to accept EBT/ACCESS cards for payment of groceries, please apply via the US Department of Agriculture Food & Nutrition Service's website or contact their EBT Hotline at 1-877-823-4369 for more information. To accept manual vouchers, call 1-888-736-6328.




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